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TRIP/syck with 53212 Presents!

June, 2023

I'm so grateful to have performed the world premiere of Biopic, devised with Zeze Schorsch, who also made the piece's stunning video components. A deconstructed, satirical Academy Award show plumbing the perilous dance between ego and artistic integrity, Biopic ran as part of 53212 Presents' three-part production TRIP/syck for two nights only at The Pink House Studio in Milwaukee, WI!

Russ Bickerstaff of The Small Stage and The Shepherd Express wrote:

"Milewski stars in weird fragments of nonexistent feature films which play out on the wall as a living Selena dances in the projection. It’s hypnotic. Milewski has the kind of striking beauty and magnetic presence that fits well into a glowing rectangle. There’s no question that she’d be good for big money projects in two-dimensions, but there’s something alive living in the projection...and it’s her."

For full TRIP/syck review, visit The Small Stage.

Learn more about TRIP/syck and 53212 Presents HERE!

Photo by Posy Knight 

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